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Disrupts & Eliminates the Supply Chain of Packaged Ice




Making Fresh Ice 24/7/365 - Eliminating All Trucks & Distribution

Aspen Ice sells ice & ads nationally to major grocery, dollar, drug and convenience store retailers. Our market changing platform provides a new retail paradigm by eliminating all manufacturing & inflationary distribution costs of labor, delivery trucks, and fuel, passing these long-term savings on to retailers, with a fixed price per bag for years.


The Self Sustaining platform, replenishes inventory on a real time basis, as customers purchase ice, while eliminating out-of-stocks at the POS. All Day - Everyday - Perpetual Ice Inventory Convenience





Aspen Ice scales the Ice Station daily production to exceed the store's peak demand through three different size platforms of 4, 6, and 8ft, and each system is fully customizable to a retailer's needs. Transforming a low tech process, into a scalable, sustainable digital Cloud-Based manufacturing and distribution solution to sell ice and ads at the POS, with wireless communications.


• Lowest Cost at a Fixed Price Per Bag – No Price Increases

• Warranty NO Out-Of-Stock - No Lost Sales

• Premium Ice sold as Private Label of Retailer

• Corporate Sustainability Initiative – eliminating the Carbon Footprint

• No Investment or Capital Cost to the Retailer, YOU ARE ONLY     BUYING ICE!

Aspen delivers a higher quality product made fresh daily at a lower price with a excellent customer experience (CX) in your stores.


Aspen Ice’s system completely automates the process of manufacturing; bagging and dispensing packaged ice, all in one location through a single POS platform.


Aspen Ice manufactures the Ice Station™, the most intelligent, revolutionary and technologically advanced In-Store Ice packaging system, there is nothing like it in the industry. This state of the art technology replaces the antiquated, energy intensive and high carbon DSD business models found in traditional ice production plants.

 provide highest quality Premium ice Made Fresh       Daily at the lowest cost, with No Out Of Stocks

Aspen Ice freezes out the competition, with our disruptive smart Ice Station platform, which eliminates the high-cost, high-carbon, high-touch archaic distribution model, providing the highest quality pure/clear ice at the lowest cost without any carbon!

Aspen digitizes the physical assets, producing streams of data to operate and manage platforms with predictive and prescriptive analytics, maximizing uptime, never out-of-stock. Our platform can produce over 700 bags a day in the existing store footprint.

 It provides real time monitoring and reporting, designed to be trouble free, if any issues occur, the self correcting diagnostics will fix and advise our customer service.

Aspen AI Size 2 New Logo.png

Aspen Ice LLC - 440 N. Wabash St. - Suite 3808 - Chicago, IL 60611



Aspen AI Size 2 New Logo.png

© Aspen Ice LLC

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